I fight fires... with art.

What it is.

My insatiable curiosity and technical knowledge make me a fast learner and help me ramp artists up quickly and troubleshoot for them readily. I'll figure out what's wrong and fix it fast.

What it does.

I am the "generalist" type of game artist. Mostly because I enjoy knowing how everything works and playing with it all. I often serve as lead artist because I'm good at troubleshooting (squashing bugs!) and adapting to the team needs. I have served in a variety of roles on over 20 shipped handheld, console and PC titles and have been particularly effective as lead artist in scoping art tasks to deliver quality work on time. I enjoy the challenge of making art look great within the hardware or the game engine limitations.

What it wants.

My goal as an artist is to grow from being challenged in my work both technically and artistically. I seek to maintain a collaborative environment through open communication between disciplines. I have lived in Japan, Germany, and in several places across the USA (and Canada, eh!) providing me with the tolerance and skills to communicate with a variety of different people including artists, engineers, designers and even... management!